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User Research & Testing

User research is vital in order to create a great user experience. We tailor each research study to answer your team’s questions and provide the clear, actionable recommendations you need for your product to succeed.

Research methods vary by phase. At the start of a project we conduct exploratory research to understand your users, and we may use participatory workshop methods to help us define and design solutions. Examples activities are user interviews, diary studies, competitive testing, stakeholder interviews, customer journey mapping and surveys.

We develop early concepts and prototypes to test with users and gather early user feedback, and then continue a regular cadence of user testing throughout the project and beyond release to ensure your product is hitting the mark. Example activities are concept design & prototype feedback, qualitative usability testing, unmoderated usability testing, preference testing & task analysis.

We partner with trusted research participant recruiters who consistently provide us with quality, Australian participants who are carefully matched to your target user group.

After a product goes live, we can monitor audience behaviour quantitatively, and test variants to optimise the experience incrementally. However, we continue to listen to users via qualitative means and other customer feedback mechanisms because it can provide deeper insights that are otherwise missed in quantitative testing.

During Covid-19 we translated our research activities to enable fully remote user research using a variety of online tools.

User Research & Testing

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