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Serverless computing is a method of utilising "per use" backend services rather than provisioning always-on server instances.

This provides a number of key benefits over traditional architectures, including:

  • lower total cost of ownership
  • vastly improved security
  • simplified scalability
  • faster, snappier user experience
  • huge reduction in "infrastructure" to maintain (security patches etc)

Airteam have developed a number of serverless solutions using React, Netlify and AWS for our customers, including a complete serverless Identity & Access Management and Online Member Services/ solution for Doctors Health Fund.

Serverless typically involves composing an application from microservices which are either SAAS provided on a per-usage basis, or developed and deployed as a hosted "function" - using AWS Lambda or Netlify functions.

Static content is deployed to the edge of the cloud closest to the end-user, using a CDN (Content Distribution Network) providing faster page load times.

Typically, serverless is implemented for a website using a frontend single-page app based upon a modern web framework such as React or Vue.

The single-page app frontend interacts with a collection of, serverless, microservice APIs, and composes them into a cohesive user experience.

A similar approach is used for mobile applications, indeed - often the exact same microservice APIs are reused, creating cost efficiences in development and lower ongoing total cost of ownership.

Airteam is a consulting partner for AWS and Netlify and thus perfectly positioned to accelerate the development of your next serverless software application.

Netlify Enterprise Partner

Netlify Enterprise Partner

Amazon Web Services Partner

Amazon Web Services Partner

Serverless IAM and Online Member Services for Doctors Health Fund.

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