Empowering private health fund members with human-centred design and cutting edge technology

Challenge: Doctors' Health Fund (DHF) is a private health insurance provider for doctors, their families and employees.
After battling the limitations of their existing website and online member services platform, DHF partnered with Airteam® to create a brand new, best in class digital customer experience.
Solution: The new website and online member services runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using a serverless ‘JAMstack’ microservice architecture. The redesigned website is responsive, mobile-first, and provides an optimal user experience for DHF members.
User testing and research
Workshop facilitation
Persona development
Experience mapping
User interface design Prototyping
Front-end engineering & platform integration
AWS / Serverless backend development


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Cutting the cruft* with collaboration and co-design

DHF and Airteam® co–designed the solution using Human Centred Design (HCD) practices to guide the team on a design-centric journey and ensure a customer–centric digital experience.

*cruft: unnecessarily complicated or superfluous code, software, or interface clutter.

Building the way to best in class

Working in an agile delivery cadence, we migrated the Doctors’ Health Fund website and online member services from a legacy monolithic codebase to a modern serverless/JAMstack architecture. This was to alleviate patching, minimise attack surfaces and provide scalability and speed.

AWS was selected as a reliable, cost-efficient cloud platform which provides a range of key security, availability and reliability services. Our technology stack included React, Python, GraphQL and NodeJS.

Where to from here?

Our partnership with Doctors' Health Fund continues to foster a customer-first approach, ensuring that their customer’s digital experience stands out as a leading example in the private health insurance sector.

Airteam, through their UX and Agile Development processes, successfully harnessed the knowledge and experience of our people and translated that into an environment where our members have better access to information and services in an intuitive and visually appealing portal. We have been impressed both by Airteam’s professionalism and their willingness and ability to take complex problems and create innovative solutions.

Culture, being so important to us as an organization, was a big decision point when we selected Airteam and was a strong basis for which we selected them. They genuinely care about their people and their success, which translates into why we believe our partnership with Airteam will be sustained well into the future.

– Andy Phillips, Chief Operating Officer, Doctors Health Fund